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Purple is the new gold: Gooey Breeders Dark Desire

Dark Desire from Weed World Magazine issue 122 [Photo: Ocanabis]

Dark Desire from Weed World Magazine issue 122 [Photo: Ocanabis]

Purple is the new gold: Gooey Breeder’s Dark Desire

Gooey Breeder’s Dark Desire, is a strain that we know very well here at NorStar Genetics and the mother of some of the purple crosses that we have on the menu.(Big City Lights, Dirty Little Secret). Dark Desire is great mother and consistently passes the purple color to the offspring. The real purple color comes on at the beginning of flower and only intensifies as it gets closer to harvest. No Cooling or special tricks needed here! Gooey Breeder takes the color of his cannabis seriously. in the article he says,”Sometimes getting a purple if it maybe gets cold enough to turn is not my idea of purple pot. ‘If’ and ‘maybe’ are not colors in my book, but purple is the new gold. If the name says ‘gooey’ in it then it better be a sticky mess, and if it has the word dark in it, well it better be just that.” I couldn’t have said it better myself, and can testify that the NorCal Gooey lives up to its name and appears to be dripping with gooey crystals even when its still in veg! Another benefit of purple cannabis goes beyond the sensory appeal and has real health benefits as well. The chemical in the plant that actually creates the color is called Anthocyanin. This is a pigment found in many plants and has been found to have health benefits as an antioxidant. So those looking  for relief from inflammation, such as from arthrytis and fibromyalgia, are now looking to purple strains to help relieve their symptoms. Gooey has also provide Doctors with his proven purple dominant genetics to further explore the health benefits high Anthocyanin strains can provide. Dirty Little Secret (Dark Desire x Purple Mayhem) is a real purple strain that has a great berries and flavor with smooth relaxing hybrid effect. Dirty Little Secret is limited to 100 packs for 2016 on the limited release menu so get them while you can! Big City Lights (Dark Desire x Frisco OG) is one of the staples from our menu and is a great purple kush variety. Big City Lights has consistent purple colors, low calyx to leaf, great hybrid bud structure with a vigorous growth habit. The flavors for different prototypes vary between kushey, grapes and hash. The buzz give you a happy heady head and floaty body feel. Big City Lights was in Top 10 Strains by SFGATE Its great to learn that the beautiful colors also have a just as beautiful purpose, and that just makes the real purple strains that much better to look at. Check out our Dark Desire crosses today and please leave questions or comments below.  

A new retailer just stocked up!!!

Proud to announce a new retailer that are now stocked up on the full 2016 menu!!

California patients near North Western San Diego county Norstar Genetics Seeds now available at Golden State CBD in Vista CA 92081

Golden State CBD with two San Diego County Locations

1275 S. Santa Fe Ste. 101               616 East Alvarado St Vista, CA 92083.                              Fallbrook CA, 92028 1-800-613-6508